Calculator Programs

Battle Tanks v2.1
Battle Tanks is a battle game similar to the classic Scorched Earth game for DOS. The object of the game is to destroy your opponent's tank before he or she can destroy yours. There are 6 weapons: cannon, bomb, laser, nuke, guided and digger as well as 2-player mode, target practice mode and computer player mode. There are also 3 save slots for saving a game.
Snake Killer v2.5
Snake Killer is a game where you move a guy around the screen trying to kill a snake. It is kind of like nibbles, but in this game, instead of being the snake you try to kill it.
QWERTY Text Editor v1.0
QWERTY is a text editor for the TI 83 or TI 83-Plus. The text files created can be sent to a computer and opened as plain text. Also, plain text from a computer can be sent to the calculator. Unlike most text editors for calculator, QWERTY, by flipping the calculator sideways allows one to type using a key configuration similar to a regular keyboard.
Logo v1.0 Logo is a programming language similar to LISP for drawing designs by controlling a turtle (triangle), which traces its path on the screen. This implementation of Logo supports 12 different commands as well as different Zoom options.