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New Layout Posted on: 8/20/03 at 9:22:44 AM

Well, after many years of procrastinating, I finally remodeled the layout of my website! Yay! Actually I don't know why the hell I did this since there are a lot more important things I should be doing, like homework. Tomorrow XC and work start so I have no more free time until... (ERROR: Could not compute). Life sure does suck sometimes.

Anyway possibly the best thing about this new layout is that I now have this cool webloger thingy. Why anyone would want to keep a weblog beats me. What? Share your life story with strangers! That's insane. I guess it is fun to bitch about all your problems to whoever is willing to listen though, even if they are secretly reading to draw pleasure from your problems. Since anyone can read this, I probably won't post my most private thoughts for fear of backlash but then again I won't even write those in a private journal with a lock and key. Yes, I'm that paranoid. Not that I have anything private to talk about anyway...

I don't know why anyone would actually read this since my life is pretty boring, but then again people get pretty bored sometimes. It's not like anyone in this small hick town has an exciting life anyway. I mainly made the weblog just to test my mad programming skillz but now that I have it I guess I'll try to add to it now and then, but don't sit here all day clicking the reload button. I'll probably update quite often at first, but as with all things in life, I'll start slacking off and this blog will eventually die.

Life recently has been particularly boring. Basically just eat, sleep, bike and pretend to do homework, with the first two being optional. It's weird how in just a year I've become a total biking zealot. The cross-country bike trip probably had something to do with it. A hell of a lot can change in a year. I probably should be doing some running for XC but I'm just too damn lazy. I mean, why run when you can bike? It's so much more painful and don't get the same speed. It's all about the speed. I can do 3 minute miles for 10 miles on a bike but I'd be pressed to do 8 minute miles for 10 miles running, that is if I can still run 10 miles.

By now you are probably bored as hell reading this, but you were probably already bored as hell anyway so I don't care. I should probably end this soon, though to save the bandwidth of my server. See-ya and have a good life or a bad one, if you like to keep things interesting.

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