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Good Memories Posted on: 8/22/03 at 5:35:54 AM

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep at night since there is just too much to think about? Well I do so I decided to type up my thoughts for your reading enjoyment. How is this possible, you ask? Touch typing on my calculator sideways of course. By now you probably think I'm a geek but if you didn't think that already you are not very observant. I mean I do read slashdot multiple times a day. There will probably be lots of typos so I will have to touch this up later.

Today was a very pleasant day, nostalgic in a way, bringing back good memories from last summer: the calm before the storm. It was nice to see old acquaintances at XC preseason and catch up on summer events. I probably annoyed the hell out of George though with all my stories of my distant travels to far off lands, but if I did, he didn't show it. Anyway Coach McGovern gets to tell the story of his life from start to finish when he runs, so I figure it's only fair to do some talking of my own. Besides I hardly talk at all in general, but there are moments when I just won't shut up. I'm like that, my whole life is basically fluctuations between extremes.

It was also great to work for Mr. Harlan again. For some reason the familiar sights and smells of his basement bring back happy memories. Mr. Harlan is a good guy, always filled with stories to tell and things to teach. Most of the time, it is way over my head, but I understand some things and I can always nod and smile. Also he pays way too much for the amount of work I do. Today was especially a slow day since he had practically all the machining done so all I did was work on his web page, www.specmach.com. He wanted me to help him out with some of his computer problems but I'm not as familiar with windows as I used to be. Maybe I'll do a little research, but probably not.

As I was saying I was quite pleased with today except the end of course where I kept telling myself to do homework but never really got around to it. Oh well, AP bio and physics will have to wait until another day. In the meantime I should probably go to sleep before I destroy my hands typing on this ridiculously small keyboard. Bye.

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